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Partner for economy, science and municipality

The economic area of Heilbronn, consisting of the town and the district of Heilbronn, is one of the strongest business locations of Germany.

The Heilbronn Region Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Raum Heilbronn GmbH - WFG) is a local corporation for economic development, which competently supports, advises and communicates in all matters of the economic area of Heilbronn.

The team of the WFG takes care of local companies and places floor space provided by local towns and municipalities for both businesses and industry. Another task of the WFG is the sector management for the automotive and metal sector, as well as the sector for synthetic material. The aim is to provide help with the acquisition of promotional funds, the transfer of technology and to support the existing companies. The regular contact to the companies, the municipalities, institutions and associations favours quick decisions. The service is at no charge.

Our Region

Good reasons for our region

  • Innovative high-tech location
  • Successful location for the automotive industry
  • Pre-eminent competence in space-travel
  • Investment possibilities: about 170 ha (about 420 acre) cultivable floor spaces
  • Excellent transport link: Direct motorway connections to the A6 and the A81 Eighth-largest inland port of Germany Well-established network of freight transport

Our Offer

Cooperation and networking

Sector-related services With the sector-related services the WFG is able to realize sector-specific activities, tailored on one sector and with an own brand presence. Related tasks are support with the process of the exploration of markets, the sector-specific networking and lobbying and in the future personnel development.
Transfer of technologyWith the help of a series of seminars and forums concerning the transfer of technology the WFG supports the utilization of research and development services as well as of the competence in space-travel of the DLR-Institute of Space Propulsion in Lampoldshausen for the companies in the Heilbronn area.
People and competences In the field of people and competences the WFG especially assists smaller and medium-sized businesses by organizing joint activities concerning the personnel development and the personnel marketing on facing the lack of qualified personnel.
Business services In the field of business services the WFG provides support for companies requesting assistance. With the help of the advisor’s forum, the WFG organizes a continuous knowledge transfer from the counseling practice to the companies.
Support for companies locating to the region The WFG is the first contact for companies seeking to locate to the region or their consultants. After checking the enquiries, our team will pass them on to the municipalities eligible for it.

If you need further assistance or have any questions related to our services, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Phone: +49 (0)7131 7669-700